“Marion explores the meaning of humanity through R’s journey towards personhood, a tale that gets grander in scale as his empathy builds and the book’s true villains—cynicism, apathy and status quo—are revealed.”

“Fun, surprising, thoughtful, and – incredibly – optimistic. I found it a thoroughly delightful read that I had hard time putting down.”

“Is it stupid to love one another? Is it pointless to create pictures, stories, plays, poems, songs, telling those yet to come about our world and making sure we, too, remember what it has been? No, say Marion’s warm bodies. Doing these kinds of things is how we stay alive.”

Simon Pegg, actor in Shaun of the Dead

“A mesmerizing evolution of a classic contemporary myth.”

Nick Haraway, author of The Gone-Away World

Warm Bodies is a terrific book– a compelling literary fantasy which is also a strange and affecting pop-culture parable.”

Josh Bazell, author of Beat The Reaper

“Isaac Marion has a great new voice that hooks you from page one and accomplishes the impossible: it makes you care about young zombie love. Warm Bodies is a terrific read.”

Kirkus Reviews

“A jubilant story about two star-crossed lovers, one of them dead and hungry for more than love.”

Publishers Weekly

“R does possess a certain winsome charm and the upbeat ending will warm many hearts.”

Warm Bodies is a terrific zombook. Snuggle up to it with the lights low and enjoy a dead-lightful combination of horror and romance.”

“Marion is a disarming writer, ruefully humorous, knowingly cinematic in scope. This is a slacker-zombie novel with a heart.”

The Financial Times

“Has there been a more sympathetic monster since Frankenstein’s?”

“Enormous fun.”

Reviews From the Blogosphere:

“It wasn’t what I expected at all. It wasn’t about killing and power and control. It really was a love story between two very different characters and having hope when you think there isn’t any to be had.”

Warm Bodies is the perfect book for people who think they don’t like zombie novels. There were moments reading this book that I had to pause and reread sentences over and over; the language was that beautiful.”

“I was fascinated by this story, and the ending was about as perfect as its chaotic world would allow. Warm Bodies will be a book that stays in my thoughts for a long time.”